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Participation in Washington Breathes is open to all organizations and individuals who want to help advance our Vision and Mission.

We’re able to accomplish and sustain the important work we do because of our dedicated coalition members and partners!

Become a Member

We welcome and encourage participation that reflects the cultural, ethnic, racial, gender, and socioeconomic diversity from across our state, as well as the full range of professions and organizations working in commercial tobacco prevention and control.

Members are encouraged to participate in the coalition’s meetings, workgroups, education and outreach activities, and strategic planning. As a member of Washington Breathes, organizations and individuals will be able to choose whether to participate in specific activities or to endorse specific position statements that are developed by our member-driven work groups and approved by our Steering Committee. Washington Breathes works for policy, systems, and environmental changes, but the coalition does not engage in lobbying actions or take positions on specific legislative proposals.

There is no financial obligation to join as an organization or as an individual. Members are welcome to contribute in-kind or financial resources to advance the coalition’s work.

Members of Washington Breathes agree to:

  1. Support and participate in coalition activities to achieve the Vision and Mission, bringing what they can to the effort.
  2. Work collaboratively and respectfully with other coalition members in observance of the coalition’s Relationship Principles.
  3. Consider and respect the coalition’s Guiding Principles in our work together and strive to honor them.
  4. Be identified as a coalition member on Washington Breathes' website and other materials that describe Washington Breathes and its work.

Ready to join us? Fill out the form below to become a Washington Breathes member as an organization or an individual.


policy WG icon

Strategic hub for the coalition’s policy change efforts. Members collaborate to:

  • Explore developments and challenges
  • Identify policy solutions and develop position statements
  • Develop background information to support the coalition’s policy goals
  • Coordinate and support the coalition’s policy education outreach

Healthy Youth WG icon

Forum for members and partners focused on ending youth vaping and nicotine use. Members share resources and collaborate to:

  • Support positive policy, systems, and environmental changes to promote youth wellness
  • Improve school-based policies to support students
  • Educate in support of sustainable funding for youth prevention and cessation programs

Cessation treatment WG icon

Team focused on improving access to evidence-based, culturally and linguistically appropriate cessation services by:

  • Assessing existing cessation services and defining needed improvements
  • Identifying solutions and best practices
  • Developing recommendations and educational outreach

Communications WG icon

Guides the coalition’s communication tools and strategies to help amplify the voices of our members, including:

  • Development of the coalition’s website, educational materials, social media, and earned media
  • Best practices on messaging and communications strategies

Community-based data WG icon

Leads the coalition’s efforts to:

  • Gather and share the evidence base on commercial tobacco use, health impacts, disparities, and related issues
  • Explore data gaps and develop recommendations for improving community-based and culturally appropriate research

To participate in a workgroup, please fill out the form below:

Commercial Tobacco Policy Change Learning Circles

An educational and skills building forum for individuals and organizations supporting Our Vision.

The learning circles provide a way for coalition members and partners to stay up-to-date on legislative and regulatory developments and engage with policy change education activities. We inform about current policy developments, share our perspectives, and discuss how to educate about effective and equitable policy solutions.

The purpose of these sessions is to:

  • Increase shared understanding about commercial tobacco policies
  • Build policy education and policy change skills
  • Share policy change resources and potential educational actions

To participate in the policy change learning circles, please fill out the Workgroup Join Form above.


Check out our Connect module to meet individuals and organizations working on commercial tobacco prevention and cessation in Washington state.

Join us on Connect! Coalition members and partners can create a profile to help build your connections and collaborations. Please fill out the Connect Request form below for access.

Coalition Outreach Materials

Need a handout to explain Washington Breathes to your organization or community?

Already a member and want to invite a partner organization to join?

Please share these outreach flyers!

Printed copies may be requested for events: email